Inside look with ODKM Architects:

Declan O’Donnell’s modern home & Georgian office

An interview by IMAGE Interiors & Living with our MD, Shane Crowley

Both projects were finished with floor-to-ceiling Porta steel doors, illuminating each room with natural light.

“When an award-winning architectural firm asks you to supply their bespoke steel door solution for their home and Georgian office space, the pressure is on.”

I’m talking with Shane Crowley, the fearless MD of both Porta Steel Doors and their sister company Dlight. He was recently asked by partner and architect of ODKM Architects, Declan O’Donnell, to help transform both his living and working spaces.

A tall order, to say the least. But, with the pressure on, Shane and his team, including carpenter Gary Whelan, creatively delivered Declan’s vision for the two vastly different projects.

Modern living

custom steel doors






First up was Declan’s home. He approached Porta Steel Doors with a drawing of a door and partition wall he wanted to be installed.

“We provided Declan with various options and solutions to achieve the space he was looking for. Our custom range of Porta Steel Doors gave Declan flexibility, allowing us to be creative and give him exactly what he needed to complete his space.

inside look






“Declan wanted to break up a large living area, creating zones but still allowing for flow. The clear glass and slim frame allow for this flow, creating a partition between two rooms without impacting light or the feeling of space.

“The client had floor-to-ceiling in his design, taking it to the top, with slim frame steel double doors on one side and steel frame glass partition on the other. Floor-to-ceiling gives it a seamless transition, in keeping with the colour palette and perfect mix of materials, off-white walls and a polished concrete floor.”

Restored office

custom steel doors for office space

Meanwhile, tucked away on Dublin city centre’s Mount Street Upper, Declan had a similar ask for Porta Steel Doors – to design a steel door solution – but this time, they would have to keep with Georgian style and restoration regulations.

“For the office, we focused on creating a timeless design and one that would pair with Georgian style. A wide, symmetrical doorway being a dominant architectural feature of Georgian times, we could not in any way modify the existing door as it is a listed building.

Customer steel doors






“A traditional, classic design with a modern twist was achieved with our bespoke steel doors. The fluted glass, also known as reeded or ribbed glass, a recent interior trend that does not seem to be going anywhere, creates privacy and adds texture without blocking light.

The result? “Simple, refined steel doors with reeded glass allowing diffused light to flow between each office space yet at the same time allowing privacy. Working with this Georgian style and seeing both projects completed was something special.”

Custom steel doors office






At Porta Steel Doors, they offer a range of polished doors, from their standard stock STEELIT® doors to their custom Porta Steel Doors. The latter of which is quickly becoming the popular choice for architects and designers, making up 60% of their sales.

“Clients usually come to us with an idea or dimensions for a proposed space, and from this, we look at the best option. We complete the design configuration, conduct a site visit if required, and look after the full process from placing the order and production to installation and aftercare if needed.

“We are the official distributors for the Republic of Ireland for STEELIT® of Belgium, a range of high-quality steel interior doors with fixed dimensions and a range of styles, choices of design and finish.

Bespoke steel doors






“Our bespoke range of doors comes with a longer lead time, due to the complexity of the design process. This custom option allows us to configure a design to fit any space the client wishes, from full height to partitions, keeping the feel of open space but also keeping it warm yet stylish and modern.”

And Porta Steel Doors has certainly delivered. Along with their accomplished projects, the door suppliers recently won an Architect’s Choice Award for Best Interior Design Product at the recent Architecture and Building Expo in the RDS.

What’s next? To keep innovating and encouraging clients to step out of their comfort zone. “When presenting a design, I always suggest pushing the boundary, and with Declan’s experience as one of Ireland’s leading architects, this was no mean feat. The final door designs speak for themselves.”

Inside Look by IMAGE Interiors & Living
27th Oct 2022

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