STEELIT® doors are characterised by a slim, authentic and timeless design, and as a result, they integrate perfectly into almost any interior: from warm classic to sleek modern.

STEELIT® internal steel frame doors are manufactured in Belgium and are available in various styles and versions. These stunning internal doors are supplied in standard sizes, making them affordable and readily available from stock for quick delivery. STEELIT® is suitable for retrofitting into your home, the standard sizes fit perfectly into eight out of ten existing doorways. They are also extremely popular amongst new-builds in Ireland where the builder or architect can adjust the openings to the standard sizes offered by us.

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The STEELIT®  2021 collections include – Doors, Slide, Slide Intense, Wood, Invisible and Modular. Within the steel-frame collections, we have many choices of styles from “Classic” to “Modern” and an abundance of size options to fit directly into your door opening without customisation.

STEELIT® is synonymous with perfect finish resulting from exceptional attention to detail and outstanding execution, thus meeting the highest requirements and standards. Each individual STEELIT® internal door is made with passion and craftsmanship, according to best work practices and based on years of experience with steel, whatever the style.

STEELIT® Doors Collection

steelit door collection

The STEELIT® Door Collection consists of eight styles with single and double options, and an array of sizes to fit your space at ease. The latest invisible collection offers the same options with a wooden frame and adjustable hinges. This collection brings artisan class into your space that will stand the test of time with a 10-year guarantee. You can find more information on all options in this collection by downloading the latest brochure.

STEELIT® Slide Door Collection

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The STEELIT® Slide and Slide Duo range offers an authentic and timeless design featuring two quality roller guides.  Each sliding door also features a soft-close system that characterises the STEELIT® range. It is also important to note that all steel-frame doors are finished with an impact-resistant powder coating and textured to ensure easy maintenance and years of enjoyment.

STEELIT® Slide Intense Door Collection

slide intense doors ireland

The STEELIT® Slide Intense doors feature a sleek black aluminium rail and like the Slide range, they are also available with the soft-close system and double-laminated safety glass as standard. These doors hang from two top-mounted brackets that are neatly concealed by the track. This collection suits a more modern interior, allowing you to transition from room to room without compromising space or natural light. 

STEELIT® Wood Door Collection


With the STEELIT® Wood collection, we give you the option to integrate STEELIT® steel interior doors in a variety of spaces. The combination of a steel frame with an oak wood veneer panel will add a new, stylish accent to your home. There are 2 versions: STEELIT® WOOD Oak Rustic and STEELIT® WOOD Oak Prime.

STEELIT® Modular Door Collection


The Modular steel frame collection allows you to create many variations and combinations with side/top windows to suit your specific needs. This provides us with endless possibilities to combine these windows with the standard Modular Door or Modular Duo. As a result, we offer solutions for wider or higher door openings, without compromising on our competitive prices when compared to custom-made solutions.

We encourage you to download the latest brochure to discover all of the dimensions and possibilities.

STEELIT® Glass Options


The STEELIT® Glass Options are for daily intensive use. Every STEELIT® Door is supplied with safety glass as standard. In addition to the standard transparent glass, you can select milk glass or cathedral glass as an option. The flutes glass and fume glass are optional for each door.

STEELIT® Door Handle


Every STEELIT® DOOR has a brass door handle with a matte black powder coating. Optionally you can choose a door handle with a more modern look. This STEELIT® Door Handle is like the standard version made from brass with a matte black powder coating.

Where can you buy steel-frame doors?

We are the official suppliers of STEELIT® in Ireland. You can request a quotation directly from our sales team.

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